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Welcome to Washington Flower School!

Washington Flower School (originally “Shover School of Floral Design”) is the DC-area’s only floral design school. We teach the professional and design skills needed to become a floral designer. We are dedicated to mentoring new students just starting their careers, as well as developing skills and concepts needed to meet professional floral industry standards for all levels of floral designers.

We offer a series of five classes based on a theme (e.g. Elements of Design, Wedding Flowers, to name a few). You can take one class or take them all. Students who attend all five classes in a series will receive a certificate of successful completion. If you have not had an opportunity to complete all the classes in a series, they will be repeated at a future date.

Whether you take the classes for personal knowledge or a desire to become a professional floral designer, all our classes have something to offer anyone interested in the Floral Arts.

We are excited to introduce our newest instructor, Terry Godfrey. In addition to her years of experience and outstanding design skills, Terry is the current President of Innovative Floral Designers Association. She will be bringing all that innovated energy into our classrooms.

The school, founded by David Shover and Jeanne Ha, has provided quality career education in Washington DC Metro area since 2010, with various hands-on workshops. David is an active industry leader as teacher, presenter, designer, design developer, consultant. Jeanne is a successful business owner and lead designer in the area. Both are AIFD certified.

The classes are posted through an invitation and sent to anyone on the e-mail list. If you wish to be on the email list please email Jeanne@ParkFlorist with your name, phone number and your email address.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Park Florist / 6921 Laurel Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912 / 301-270-1848

an exciting 5-course wedding & event certificate program
Wedding & Event Boot camp
You’ve been doing your friends and families wedding flowers.
You always wanted to be in the wedding floral business.
You want to know how to start, how to get your foot in.
You really enjoy creating floral centerpieces.
Yes, this is the course for you!
We created this series of five courses as a wedding and event boot camp, so that you will learn all aspects of the wedding and event floral industry. All materials and a light lunch are included for all boot camp classes. Notice that some of the classes are scheduled almost back to back Sundays while some are not.
Wedding & Event Boot Camp I-“Wedding Essentials”
Sunday September 29th 2013, 12pm-5pm
$250 including materials and light lunch
This is the first session to discuss wedding colors, themes, types of arrangements needed for the ceremony and reception, various bouquet styles, pricing, proposal writing. We will work on our hand-tied bridal bouquets and cascading bouquets in foam holders.
Wedding Event Boot Camp II-“Event Flowers”
Sunday October 6th 2013, 12pm-5pm
$250 including materials and light lunch
We will discuss various types of corporate and social events and the flowers required for each. We will look at theme development, coordination with other vendors including event coordinators, caterers, linen/prop rental companies, and lighting companies. We will also discuss delivery methods for various types of designs. By popular request, we are excited to offer the opportunity to create an elevated centerpiece and a registration table arrangement in this class.
Wedding Event Boot Camp III-“Wedding Ceremony”
Sunday October 27th 2013, 12pm-5pm
$250 including materials and light lunch
In this class, we will look at the mechanics required for various ceremony structures. The workshop will include a group project to build and decorate a beautiful chuppah! Don't miss this great opportunity to work on a big project and learn the mechanics. We will also make an altar arrangement.
Wedding Event Boot Camp IV-“Personal Flowers”
Sunday November 3rd 2013, 12pm-5pm
$150 including materials and light lunch
We will study traditional and contemporary styles of personal flowers and the most appropriate flowers to use in these designs. We will also discuss the variety of mechanics on the market for corsages and boutonnieres. Wire techniques for various types of flowers will be demonstrated. We will create shoulder and wrist corsages and a hair wreath as well.
Wedding Event Boot Camp V-“Eco-friendly designs”
Sunday November 10th 2013, 12pm-5pm
$150 including materials and light lunch
Eco-friendly and “green” designs are increasingly popular for weddings and events. This workshop will cover the various definitions of eco-friendly from use of sustainable materials and local grown flowers to use of recycled/recyclable elements in design. We will create our “woodland” deisgn and a design using recycled elements.

exciting 2-course skill-building focus program
Advanced Workshops
Now that you have mastered the essentials, challenge yourself to learn more! This is a 2-class certificate program that focuses on advanced skills and techniques for use in contemporary designs, competitions and certification testing. Prior experience recommended. All materials and a light lunch are provided.
Advanced Design 1 “Contemporary Bouquets”
Sunday November 24th 2013, 12pm-5pm
$250 including materials and light lunch
The lecture will focus on various bouquet styles and handle treatments that will win competitions and impress the most discerning brides. We will create an armature bouquet and a bouquet using the new Euro-style bouquet holder.
Advanced Design 2 “Contemporary Party Arrangements”
Sunday December 8th 2013, 12pm-5pm
$250 including materials and light lunch
We will discuss various options for a show-stopping buffet table centerpiece or food station piece. We will focus on the mechanics to make these fabulous designs possible and learn how to create a one-of-a kind statement piece using limited materials. Line and focal emphasis will be studied.

Flowery Yoga-“Wave Centerpiece”
Wednesday October 9th 2013 6:30pm $75 including material
This is not going to be any of your usual centerpiece class at all. We will create a real fun and unique table scape out of scratch! We are using all kinds of mixed “recycling” materials to build our own structure for our flowers and simple add our chosen flowers to complete the look. It is a genius way to create a chic and new style for your next party! Call for all artsy and crafty girls out there!
Flowery Yoga-“Pumpkin Table Scape”
Wednesday November 13th 2013 6:30pm $75 including material
For this Thanksgiving, go for “organic chic”. We will create this awesome natural table scape using casper pumpkins, branches, autumnal foliage, tree bark, and of course candles. Truly versatile and flexible for your table settings and so modern but natural at the same time! Come and join us to learn how to get this awesome look easily for your own table!
Flowery Yoga-“Holiday Wreath”
Wednesday December 4th 2013 6:30pm $75 including material
Season for celebration, season for decoration. Your entrance door need a new treatment. Show your true identity with this festive holiday wreath. You will learn the basic technique to make the wreath and by using unique materials given, you can create your own holiday wreath. Winter wonderland, Christmas, and more! Join this fabulous and popular class!
Flowery Yoga-“Winter Holiday Centerpiece”
Wednesday December 18th 2013 6:30pm $75 including material
Finally the moment is here. We gather to create your own creative and festive holiday centerpiece. It could be for your own table for your weekend party or hostess gift. We would have so many beautiful winter foliage and pods, and ornaments to create beautiful centerpiece. Groups are welcome, bring your friends and family with you!

Can I take just one or two classes?
Yes, you can choose any class you would like to attend. We designed the workshops as a series of classes; however, they are not continuing ones. If you have to skip a few, you can join another one and be able to pick up from there. We certainly hope that you can take them all and don't have to miss any classes.
I've been arranging flowers for myself, but never professionally, it this course for me?
Yes, it will be the perfect start for you! We will cover all of the basic principles, elements, and techniques of floral design, so you understand how they are used in your arrangements. We only ask you to have a passion to learn!
I've been designing flowers for my friends and church, but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly. Is this the course for me?
Again, Yes! We are sure you will be surprised to find yourself learning quite a lot! We're not just teaching skills that you can pick up anywhere, we are teaching you the principles, elements and techniques of design, so that you feel confident about what you're doing. This may reaffirm what you already know and do.
I just started my new business as a wedding planner but I would like to create simple floral designs for my customers. Are you going to include some wedding design in the course?
Yes, especially if you are planning to do this as your own business and help brides with flowers, we strongly recommend taking all of our workshops. There will not be an emphasis on wedding designs such as bridal bouquet, altar piece, arch decor, tall centerpieceetc. However, you will definitely need to be familiar with the principles, elements and techniques of floral design to apply them to your designs, even your wedding creations. These workshops will certainly giving you a solid foundation to help you explore your creativity.
Does the fee include the flowers?
Yes, the fee includes all the floral materials you will need for the projects. This will include containers, accessories, flowers and foliage. Pretty good deal!
Can I register online?
You can register online by clicking the “Register” button, of course!
Can I pay on the phone?
We accept cash, check(payable to Park Florist), or credit card. Payment using a credit cards can be taken over the phone. However, all the payment is required in advance of the class, so we can prepare your materials and guarantee you a design station.
Do I have to bring something?
Hummm, not really, except for your tools if you have them. If you do not have them or not sure of what to bring we have some you can borrow for the class, or purchase a basic tool kit from us. Basic tool kit includes a pair of lightweight pruners, a floral knife, a spool of floral tape, a tube of floral adhesive.

Class size is very limited for individual attention and pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Please call 301-270-1848 or email to to register and we will confirm with you for your spot. We accept registration till the day before of the scheduled class date as long as we have space but we cannot accept walk-ins. Please call in or email and get confirmed before you come. Class can be cancelled and in that case, only the registered students will get noticed through emails and phone calls. If you want to be informed about the future classes, please also email, or call, so that we can put you in the list.

Class size is very limited for individual attention and pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Please call 301-270-1848 or email to to register and we will confirm with you for your spot. We accept registration till the day before of the scheduled class date as long as we have space but we cannot accept walk-ins. Please call in or email and get confirmed before you come. Class can be cancelled and in that case, only the registered students will get noticed through emails and phone calls. If you want to be informed about the future classes, please also email, or call, so that we can put you in the list.

About Instructors
Jeanne Ha, AIFD, CFD

-Founder, Instructor of Washington Flower School

Jeanne is the owner of Park Florist and has been teaching her floral design classes many years and mentored and inspired fellow floral designers. She is a member of American Institute of Floral Designer since 2010, as well as a certified floral designer by AIFD. She has Asian floral design back ground learned from her aunt Wee Park, who has been an amazing floral designer and owner of Park Florist for 16 years. Jeanne studied with world most known floral designers such as Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD, Mary Linda Horn, AIFD, Jim Johnson, AIFD, Lottie Nys, AIFD at Designing for Excellence, and so many more workshops. She assisted various floral designers for their design shows such as Hitomi Gilliam and Rene Van Remes. She attended Teleflora Life! educational program at Philadelphia, 2007 and studied with Marie Ackerman, AIFD, Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD, Kevin Ylvisaker, AIFD, just to name few. Jeanne also participated in numerous competitions such as the Capital Cup, Middle Atlantic Florists Association Competitions, and won the first place for a silk design in 2006. She presented her design program for AIFD Southern conference 2011. Currently Jeanne serves as a president of Teleflora MD-VA-CD unit.

Most of all, Jeanne enjoys teaching and has a real passion to show how one can create a beautiful flower design as seen in magazines. She is over flowering idea bank and has the technique to make them happen. She loves to share her passion with her fellow flower lovers!
David Shover AIFD, CFD, AAF, PFCI

-Founder of Washington Flower School

Through the drama and elegance of his work, David Shover AIFD, AAF, PFCI, shows he is a true professional. As a freelance design artist, Floral Instructor at both the Community College of Baltimore County and Anne Arundel Community College, David has achieved a wealth of accomplishments. In 1998, he was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) and is a Past President for AIFD's Southern Regional Chapter, as well as former editor of Focal Points, AIFD's national newsletter and Accents, AIFD's Southern newsletter. David has served as chairperson for the IFD Across America symposium for the Southern Regional Chapter, as well as co-chair at the NE/SO AIFD Symposium that was held in Crystal City, Virginia. With his professional accomplishments he was inducted into the American Academy of Floriculture and the Professional Floral Communicators International where he served as chairman for that organization. David won the Magicsilk/Karisma National Silk Flower Design Contest, and also is a winner of the Flowers & magazine design contest. He has held the office of president for the Middle Atlantic Florist Association and is current serving on the board of directors. David has been a featured designer for AIFD National Symposium. He has also held the position of president for the DC-MD-VA Unit of Teleflora. He is currently serving as an honorary board member for the unit. David was a member of Teleflora's acclaimed team of Endorsed Designers. In his floral career David has had the opportunity to design in many different states as well as Puerto Rico. His designs have been featured in the lowers & magazine as well as the MD issues of Brides Magazine.

In his studies of floral commentary, visual merchandising, Ikebana, and European design, David has shown outstanding creative design talents. He has won the DC-MD-VA Teleflora's Capital Cup and Middle Atlantic Floral Association's Silk Design Contest. In addition, David was a designer at the 1989 Presidential Inauguration, Sak's Fifth Avenue opening, Lord and Taylor Design Show, and Bloomingdale's Bridal Fair in Washington, DC. With enthusiasm and motivation in both learning and teaching, David will continue to expand his horizons throughout his career in promoting education in the floral industry.
Terry Godfrey, AIFD, CFD

- Instructor of Washington Flower School

Terry has worked as a freelance designer for many of the premier event designers in the metropolitan Washington, DC area and has recently opened Floral Innovations to service small events. Passionate about floral education, Terry has taken classes with industry icons including Hitomi Gilliam, Phil Rulloda, Gregor Lersch and others. She has participated in numerous local competitions where she has been awarded first place ribbons and has been honored with people’s choice awards. Terry has taught several workshops and presented on stage at AIFD Southern convention in 2011. She currently teaches at the Washington Flower School, as well as private lessons. Additionally, she coaches many designers new to the industry.

Dedicated to service to the floral industry, Terry has served two terms as President of the Independent Floral Designers’ Association in MD, an educational and business networking association. She has been active in the Middle Atlantic Floral Association both teaching and volunteering for various activities.

Terry was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers in 2011 and currently sits on the board of the Southern Chapter of AIFD where she is on the Education, Art and Blooms, and Blooms Over committees.